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Property in Italy
Dear friends!

Along with obtaining a residence permit and citizenship, our clients often contact us with the question of buying or renting housing and real estate in Italy.

We want to assure you that the procedure for buying a property in a sunny, warm Italy overlooking the vineyards of Tuscany, although it has pitfalls, is undoubtedly worth the effort. In the context of this topic, we would like to introduce you to our partners and friends - CedoImmobiliare.it.

This team provides property selection services for renting or buying in Italy. They can guide you around the market, pick up options for an apartment, house or even the villa of "your dream." And from our part, we can guarantee legal assistance in order to minimize any risk on all stages of the acquisition of the real estate in Italy!

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A new book
"Russian Discourses on International Law"
is upcoming in the fall!
Description form the Publisher: Russian Discourses explains Russia's interpretation of international law through the lens of both leading western scholars and contemporary western-based Russian scholars. It will be of value to international law scholars looking for a better understanding of Russia's behavior in international legal relations, law and society, foreign policy, and domestic application of international law. Further, those in fields such as sociology, politics, philosophy, or general graduate students, lawyers, think tanks, government departments, and specialized Russian studies programs will find the book helpful.

In the book you will find Anna Isaeva's contribution about theoretical and historical dimensions of Russian legal doctrine. Her chapter presents a historical narrative from the very first days of establishing Soviet rule with the overview of certain legal concepts from Soviet lawyers and their theories of law, followed by an analysis of the continuity in theoretical doctrinal development between past and present.
For purchasing the book or reading an electronic version please consult the Publisher's website:
Protection of Russian citizens in Italy
Anna Isaeva is engaged in a loud case about the protection of the rights of underage Russian citizens abroad. This story was reported by journalist Natalya Vassergova "Komsomolskaya Pravda".
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